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Sunday Preparation 4/11/21

THIS SUNDAY'S TEXT: Matthew 4:23-25 & Introduction to the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7)

As you seek the Lord this week in private worship, prepare your hearts and minds for Sunday by prayerfully reading this Sunday's text.

Consider (Meditate) on the following:

  1. As Christ begins to teach and preach (Mt 4:23), he teaches like none other, with authority (Mt 7:28-29). As Jesus teaches and preaches, what does he do to affirm his authority among those who hear him?

  2. Why is Jesus fame spreading and the crowds growing? Read John 2:23-25

  3. Over the next weeks we will be walking through the Sermon on the Mount. As you read through it, keep in mind:

  • Jesus’ Kingdom is not of this world.

  • All things will pass away, but the word of God will never fail.

  • To see/enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you must be born again.

  • Your are saved by grace through faith, this is not your own doing, it is a gift of God.


Seek daily communion with God through scripture reading, prayer, and singing. Click on the resources below.

"I feel it is far better to begin with God—to see his face first, to get my soul near him before it is near another." - Robert Murray M'Cheyne


  1. The Lord prepares our hearts for our worship this coming week.

  2. Pray for the Lord to open the eyes of our hearts to see the truth of his word which sanctifies us, set us apart from a world that does not know him.

  3. Pray for one another.

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